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Using iPads to create Music

Audio by Aliou and Denzel

Audio Ella and Tyra

Audio by Hamza and Tyler

Audio by Levi and Jonathan

Using iPads to create Music

Year 6 have been learning how to use iPads to create music. After learning how the programme “Garageband” works, they were set the task of creating their own piece using any style they liked. Soon they will be creating more complex pieces over two lessons.

Audio by Conor Isherwood in Chestnut class

Audio by Jonah Corbett in Chestnut class & Beatrix Brennan in Chestnut class

Audio by Mr Evans – Music Teacher

This week, the whole of Year 6 were invited to Hackney Museum for the Junior Citizenship Scheme. This involved us each taking part in 8 short workshops informing us about how to stay healthy and safe in many different areas of our lives. The visit covered a wide range of important areas such as fire safety, travelling on public transport and safety around animals. It was really informative and gave us lots of helpful tips to remember to ensure we are safe when out on our own, especially as we get older and get more responsibility.

Year 6 took a trip to the Hackney Museum to learn all about Junior Citizenship: how to keep yourself safe and how to behave responsibly when out in the community.

This week, we were lucky enough in Year 6 to take part in a heart dissection workshop! We worked in groups of 3 to dissect the hearts to see the 4 chambers (left and right ventricle and the left and right atrium) and to help us understand how the blood travels through the heart before being circulated around the body. Even though we felt a bit squeamish to begin with, we soon all got involved.

It was really interesting to find out where the phrase ‘pulling on my heart strings’ comes from; some of us were literally pulling on our heart’s heart strings!

Year 6 have been working hard, over half term, to produce homework projects to represent our new topics. In Science, we are exploring the heart and children have made models to represent our circulatory system. We are also investing sustainable living and the children created projects to represent sustainable measures.

In Year 6, we have loved international week for many reasons; it has been really interesting learning about different cultures and reflecting on people in the world less fortunate than us. We spent some time learning about UNICEF and their ambitions to ensure all children have equal rights across the world. We focused on education and learnt that 25,000,000 children are currently not in school – a shockingly high number! After discussing the benefits of education and comparing the similarities and differences of our education with those in deprived countries, we wrote letters to the Prime Minister explaining the issue and asking what else could be done to help these children.

We were also lucky enough to have a go at using VR (virtual reality) headsets which took us to landmarks all over the world. It was amazing imagining we were actually in the Amazon rainforest, under the sea or back in the Jurassic period!

Here are some photos of the children in their amazing national dress.

In computing, Chestnut class have been creating our own animations using an iPad app. We learnt that we need to move our characters and objects just a tiny amount for each shot to create an effective animation. This is how animation takes place for films such as Wallace and Gromit! Working in pairs, we planned our animations scene by scene before using plasticine and lego to create characters and objects. Finally, we used the iPad app to take lots of photos to put together to make amazing animations!

Harry use plasticine to create a footballer and a goalkeeper. He used lego to make the goal and even managed to get his goalkeeper to dive for the ball in his animation!

On International day, Maple class came dressed in their national clothes and we celebrated our cultures from around the globe. Under the umbrella of Global goodness, we explored Unicef and all of the work that they do to support children around the world.

On Thursday 28th September, Year 6 travelled across London to visit the Natural History Museum. They spent the morning exploring the Human Evolution exhibition. Here the children were able to discover how humans have evolved over millions of years. The children were able to apply their knowledge learnt, in the classroom, to real life artefacts. They sketched skulls, created timelines and investigated how humans have changed and adapted. After lunch, the workshop took them right back to the ‘beginning of time’. The children studied how the evolution process started, when the world was only water and the only creatures that existed lived in the sea. They discussed adaptations and how species evolve as a result of their habitat. There was a particular focus on finches-children used different size tweezers to represent beak sizes and how particular species would evolve based on their ability to eat and reproduce. A brilliant, informative trip, enjoyed by all.


In Year 6, we have been learning about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. During this time, we learnt that Jewish people reflect upon the events of the previous year and the mistakes that they have made. It is a time for them to consider how they can make their next year even better. Some of the children got in role as a Jewish person during the celebrations of Rosh Hashanah while the rest of the class asked them lots of questions to find out about the different things that Jewish people do during this time of reflection. We then each wrote some questions that we would ask to find out more about the festival. Here is a picture of Chestnut’s special book, showing some of the questions the children came up with.

Year 6 have been exploring Kensuke’s Kingdom, by Michael Morpurgo, in their Literacy and Reading lessons. It tells of how a young boy named Michael mysteriously disappears the night before his twelfth birthday. The next morning, Michael finds himself washed up on a beach on a remote island with a bowl of water and some grilled fish next to him. The children have loved exploring Michael’s adventures on the island. Here are some Year 6 pupils writing their own narratives, inspired by the text.