Head Gardeners

  • To be responsible for documenting the work of their classes throughout the year
  • To develop understanding of food and how things grow
  • To take responsibility for ensuing the garden in the Backlands is well maintained
  • To attend community events to sell produce

A wonderful cauliflower! And the paints from plants lesson at orchard today with year 1. We also did drawings of plants using charcoal. They did some beautiful work.

Year 3 had a wonderful time during their gardening workshop, they learnt all about the process of germination. We can’t wait to see what our seeds turn into by summer!

Poplar class participated in a gardening workshop. The children discussed essential things plants need to be healthy, such as light, warmth, water and nutrients. As well as this, they learnt how plants make their own food through photosynthesis. The children were very fortunate to use a microscope, identifying plant cells and later on planted their own tomato seed. Hopefully they’ll germinate!

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Bringing the outdoors inside!

IMG_4776 IMG_4780 IMG_4889 IMG_4890 IMG_4891 IMG_4894 IMG_4896 IMG_4899 IMG_5390

After some training with our resident gardener Cassie, Orchard’s Head Gardeners are ready to work together to keep our garden running smoothly into the summer where the plants and vegetables we are growing will flourish. Their responsibilities include keeping the garden area tidy, composting any dead leaves and making sure the green house and garden are regularly watered. After school gardening club will continue to run fortnightly.

Photo 26-01-2017 12 18 09

Year 5 participated in an interesting gardening workshop. The children learnt how  spiders serve an important function in many ecosystems by eating the bugs that can destroy crops. The children also learnt about and looked for different types of spider webs, including funnel and cobwebs. Later on, using twigs and some thread, the children each made their own spider web.

img_0377 img_0379 img_0381 img_0410 img_0411img_0373

Year 4 made a Viking Breakfast- rolling rye to make porridge- served with honey and blueberries and also tasting rye bread. The pupils loved it and every drop of porridge was eaten!

IMG_6653 IMG_6656 IMG_6659 IMG_6674 IMG_6676

Gardening Club at Fareshare

Four children from Year 5 spent a morning working with the food based charity Fareshare, which distributes meals using food that has been leftover from the food industry. The children took part in organising and preparing the food for making meals, and learned about the importance of not wasting food.

Fareshare Fareshare3

At Orchard we have been busy harvesting!

IMG_3700 IMG_3698 IMG_3713 IMG_3709

After school gardening club, celebrating the Hackney in Bloom competition.

Here are the families that made it happen! Dejaun and his mum who first brought the competition to our attention and suggested we enter.

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