The tuition fees for the school direct programme are £9,250. However, if you are made an offer of a place they can apply for a tuition fee loan. See also:

Additional Maintenance Bursaries and Loans

Maintenance loans are available to help with your living costs while you are on the programme and the amount of maintenance loan you can get depends on where you live and study. We expect the maintenance loan will be partly based on an assessment of household income (i.e. your own income and that of anyone you live with e.g. your partner or parents). The loan will have to be paid back when your studies are over and your income is over £21,000 a year. See for further information once it is released.

Did you know if you’re a parent, you may be eligible for substantial financial support with your childcare while you train? Find out more here:

Please note that there are no fees on the other programmes we offer – but these students on these programmes are not eligible for student loans or bursaries as they are employed as members of staff, not students.