Digital Leaders

  • To complete training on how to stay safe online
  • To run assemblies and parent workshops
  • To meet each half term to discuss key issues
  • To create promotion material such as leaflets and posters

Orchard approaches e-safety in a new way, by joining the nationwide peer education programme called Digital Leaders.

Four pupils in year 4 and 5 have trained to become Digital Leaders after joining an innovative new internet safety programme from a UK charity, Childnet International.

Launching in September 2015, the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme aims to empower young people to champion digital citizenship and digital creativity within their schools and to educate their peers, parents and teachers about staying safe online.

The work of our digital leaders has been celebrated in the Childnet Digital Leaders newsletter, distributed nationally to all participating schools!  It will also be included on the Digital Leaders blog and the online platform.

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This week our year four and five digital leaders delivered an assembly to the whole school. The focus of the discussion was on how to stay safe online and they quizzed their classmates on what to do in certain tricky situations.


By signing up to the programme Orchard have joined an exciting online community, where we will access training and support from Childnet’s expert team, record achievements, and collaborate and share inspiration with schools across the UK. Now that they have completed the training, these pupils have become ‘digital leaders’, delivering impactful e-safety messages in school throughout the year through providing training, resources and activities.

Supported by Facebook and the European Union, the programme will also give young people opportunities to engage with leading technology companies and have a say in creating a better internet for the future.

The digital leaders have planned, prepared and delivered a set of assemblies on e-safety to both upper and lower phases of the school. They introduced themselves to their peers, educated them on the different areas of e-safety to be aware of and confidently fielded questions from the audience. They informed the rest of the school of their upcoming plans throughout the remainder of the year and asked for suggestions on ways in which they can help.

Digital Leaders Online Safety Tips for Parents Leaflet 2017

Minutes from the Digital Leaders Meeting/(s):

Minutes 27th April 2017

The digital leaders met to discuss the upcoming projects for Summer term 2. These include a poster for children, reminding how to stay safe online and a cross-site leaflet for parents on the age restrictions of different software.

Minutes 25th May 2017