Green Team

  • To maintain the school’s Green Flag Award
  • To run projects to ensure and sustain environmental awareness
  • To meet fortnightly to discuss key issues
  • To be responsible for recycling across the school
  • To be responsible for Walk to School fortnight

After submitting some great applications, Orchards new Green team for 2016-2017 has been announced. The children are all very excited to be working together to sure make our school is environmentally friendly this coming year.

What we will be up to this year:

Orchard is one of two schools in the borough to be taking part in Eco-active’s waste reduction project. The Green Team will taking a lead on ensuring that we reduce the amount of waste being produced and checking that the correct materials are being recycled. As part of this they will be taking part in four exciting workshops based around recycling textiles, glass, plastic and paper in imaginative ways. They will also be spreading the word about what they are doing through delivering an assembly to the rest of the school and a parent coffee morning. To find out more about the project visit:

The Green Team will also be working with the WoW scheme to encourage sustainable transport by monitoring how their classmates get to school. Children who regularly walk or cycle to school will receive badges and other goodies. To find out more about the project visit:

This year Orchard will be piloting the ‘Green Schools Project’ primary programme. They will be learning more about how to save energy and it will be the responsibility of the Green Team to make sure that what they have learnt is acted upon across the school. To find out more about the project visit:

Other responsibilities of the Green Team include monitoring the data from our weather station, keeping their class up to date on the latest environmental news and helping to maintain the plants in our school garden

At the end of the year they will be reapplying for the ‘Green Flag’ award, which Orchard first received in July 2015. To gain this award the Green Team will need to show all that they have achieved over the year to make Orchard an eco school!

Education for Sustainability Poster

June 2018

Green Team Minutes – Summer 2 Week 4

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School Council Reducing Pollution Agenda

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January 2018

Green Team Minutes 2017/2018

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May 2017

This week the Green Team organised and ran an after school workshop where they invited children from all year groups to come along and decorate recycled jars to create products that they could use at home, such as pen pots, candle holders and savings jars. The children used glass pens to create a range of designs. They are now going to sell their finished products to raise money for the school charity on Friday 26th May after school with the FOO bake sale.

The Green Team feature in the Green Schools news article.

March 2017

Representatives from the Green Team went to the Discover centre in Stratford to a celebration event with Eco Active, to come together with other schools who have also been taking part in the ‘waste reduction project’. During the morning the children gave a presentation on what they have been doing to reduce waste at Orchard, for example using posters and top tips to raise awareness, running a lunchtime club to teach their friends how to recycle textiles and ordering food recycling bins for our lunch hall. They also had the chance to take part in some fun eco activities, such as plastic bottle bowling, making recycled key rings and creating a poster with their promises of how they will make their school greener. At the end of the event the children had to dress up their teacher, Miss Lee, in a range of recycled materials. She then had to do a catwalk with the other teachers.

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December 2016:

As part of the ‘Waste Reduction Project’ that the Green Team are undertaking, they recently took part in a workshop, run by EcoACTIVE, in which they learnt about the problem of textiles waste. As part of this workshop they learnt how to recycle unwanted t-shirts by turning them into bags for life. As a way to share what they had learnt with the wider school community, the Green Team then organised a lunchtime club and invited their peers to teach them how to create and decorate their own recycled bags for life. The Green Team hope to run more events like this in the future to spread the word about reducing waste and living sustainably.

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Update October 2016:

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