Welcome to Cedar, Walnut & Sycamore

This week Year 3 had a visit from the author Nicola Davies, who spoke to the children about her book ‘Walking the Bear’. She introduced the children to the subject of sloth bears, and how her main character Zaki saved some orphaned bear cubs from being trained to become dancing bears.

Year 3 enjoyed creating decorations to go on our class hoops in the New Hall. First, we decided on a design for our decorations and considered how we could decorate them most effectively. We then used paint to bring our designs to life and were very careful not to break them!

During our book links week, Year 3 had the wonderful opportunity to meet the author, Diane Hofmeyr who wrote the core text we are currently studying – Zeraffa Giraffa. All the children were so very excited to meet her and had many questions to ask. Diane planned a brilliant session, where all the children created there own Zeraffa Giraffa masks and enjoyed parading around the classroom. Have a look at our brilliant masks!

This term in Art, year 3 will be stitching their own waterproof lessons. The first 2 lessons gave us a taster of what it would be like to stitch. We have learnt 2 types of stitching which are back stitch and cross stitch.

Walnut Class used Virtual Reality headsets to explore the world. We enjoyed it a lot because we felt like we were really in another place.

Year 3 enjoyed a ‘lessons in loaves’ workshop where they learnt to make bread from scratch – a great experience enjoyed by all!


Year 3 spent the day learning how to make bread from harvesting the wheat to the finish product. The children shaped their dough into various animals and made sure they took it home for supper.


This week Cedar class have been working hard to solve mathematical problems using cubes and other resources to scaffold their fraction and division knowledge.


This week, Year 3 found some ‘unexplained art work’ in the school playground. In order to let everyone know about it, they reported their findings in the local newspaper. We hope that on going investigations will result in finding out more about these unexplained markings: sooner rather than later!