Welcome to Willow, Rowan and Olive

Year 2 have been learning about being healthy and went on a lunchtime trip to Well Street Pizza to discover how to make one of our favourite snacks a bit healthier. The children became pizza making experts and all enjoyed eating the results! Ruby in Rowan class said ‘I wish we could make our own lunch every day!


This week, Year 2 received a visit from the London Fire Brigade. They learnt about how to stay safe in the event of a fire at home. Did you know that you should check your smoke detector batteries every week?

This half term, Olive Class took a trip to the Woodberry Down Wetlands centre, where we had the opportunity to go on a mini beast hunt and go pond dipping. We discovered plenty of new creepy crawlies whilst we were there- in all sorts of weird and wonderful places!

In Year 2, we have been learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly. We acted out the stages of the cycle to help us remember the stages and to learn new vocabulary. Did you know that a caterpillar’s body dissolves before becoming a beautiful butterfly?!

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Rowan Class have been learning about healthy food preparation in Design and Technology this half term. They have learnt the importance of a balanced diet, how to design a healthy picnic and developed their cutting, spreading and food preparation skills. Rowan and Willow Class came together on Wednesday afternoon to enjoy the picnic they had prepared and all had a lovely time – even though it was a bit chilly!

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Rowan class were lucky enough to participate in a workshop all about recycled materials this week. They used old maps, card and scrap paper to create their own mini notebooks. The workshop taught the class all about how to make old things in to new things and why it is important to recycle. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the class will make sure to remember to reduce, reuse and recycle!

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This week, Year 2 went on a Grand Tour around London, following in the foot steps of their good friend Paddington Bear. After getting the chance to see Van Gogh’s Sunflowers at the National Gallery, we explored Trafalgar Square, where took a moment to enjoy a well deserved marmalade sandwich! Lunch eaten, we made the long walk up the Mall to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Our day was rounded off with a visit to St James’ Park to spot some wild life – being careful not to be tempted to pick the flowers like Paddington did. Having had such an adventure, it was a weary journey back to school in time for home.

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This week, Olive class headed to the local library, where they listened to stories and were able to swap their class books for an exciting new set for the half term!

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Rowan class have been busy researching different explorers in literacy this week. They used BBC Bitesize to find information and take notes about Christopher Columbus and next week the class will use their research to write non-chronological reports. Morgan said ‘it’s fun to do research on the computers because you get to work in a group and find out things you don’t know!

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Rowan Class enjoyed a trip to the London Transport Museum this week. Whilst they were there, they got to explore modes of transport from the past, present and future.

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During E-Safety day, Smartie the Penguin taught Willow Class how to use the internet safely. The children learnt a song and created masks to help remember and communicate the importance of using the internet safely to family and friends. Angel reminded us to always ask an adult if we need help on the computer.”

Willow class have been working hard on learning their 2 times tables this week. The children have been chanting them in order, learning dances and counting in steps of 2s on their fingers. This has helped to solve multiplication problems as repeated addition this week. Kara said “It’s easy when you know your time tables!”

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Rowan class enjoyed learning about road safety as part of Keeping Safe Week. Our class councillors Daniela and Ethan taught us all about staying safe while using crossings and travelling to different places. Ryan said ‘It is important to keep safe while you’re walking because cars can be dangerous.’ Elisha reminded the class that we could use the lollipop lady to help us cross the road safely. Our posters show how to remember the rules of road safety.

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Today Olive class used atlases and maps to locate and discover the four countries of the UK. Some of us even drew on the country borders. We also located capital cities and some other major cities. We located Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and many more – which always start with a capital letter, because they are names of places! Can you name some cities of the UK?

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Olive class used laptops today to learn about coding using a programme called ‘Textease Turtle’. The children had to input commands to create shapes and images as the turtle moved. They explored direction as well as how to change the colour of the line and how to record and replay a sequence of commands.

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In Literacy, Olive Class have been editing using laptops. In line with our topic ‘The Great Fire of London’, we wrote our own version of the Enormous Turnip…. The Enormous Blaze! We worked on making text bold and underlined too!

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