Welcome to Willow, Rowan and Olive

In Year 2 on Tuesday we had a Gardening workshop and we were able to taste the different vegetables in class and then ventured out into the garden to do some planting of our own. I was amazed at what Rufus said that he “loved eating the crunchy peppers!”

Year 2’s theme for Work Week 2018 was ‘Working with Animals.’ In our classes we had a circle time where we discussed and thought showered all the different types of employment surrounding the nature of working with animals. Throughout the week the children had more brilliant discussions, sharing their ideas and thoughts on what it would be like to work not only with animals, but in other jobs too! Year 2 were lucky enough to receive a visit from our local vet and a veterinary nurse (Goddards Veterinary Group, Hackney). The professionals brought in lots of photographs to help describe their day to day job along with some of their technical equipment which they use daily to help treat and care for many of the animals.

On Wednesday 31st January ten children from Year 5 represented the school in the first Cross Country race of the term at Hackney Downs. Despite the weather being cold and wet, every runner proudly represented the school by completing the 1.316k course with enthusiasm and great determination. Well done everyone!

Rowan class were very excited today to get there hands on the school’s new class set of pBuzz’s. These plastic slides are a fantastic way of getting our children into playing real brass instruments!


This term we have launched our first parent homework club as a trial for our Year 2 families. This is a great way to learn together and the response so far has been very positive. Thank you to the parents who suggested such a fantastic idea! Look out for news about this for other year groups – coming soon!

The children had a great time exploring the many different modes of transport London has developed from past to present. After getting hands on with special objects from the museum collection, they had the opportunity to build their own bus for London’s future!

Today Year 2 went to the Barbican to watch the London Symphony Orchestra perform. They learned about the sections of the orchestra and sang songs with an orchestral accompaniment!



London’s Burning! Rowan class created their own Tudor houses just like those built in London in 1666. They worked together in pairs to cut out windows, attach doors that open and attach the roof securely. When they were finished, we took them outside to burn just like in the real Great Fire of London! The houses were very close together and although the weather was not as hot or dry, the wind was strong so our fire spread quickly. Luckily Mr Paul was on hand with his hose to put the fire out!

Rowan Class have learnt to sing ‘London’s Burning’ both in unison and a four part round. This week they began to learn how to play the song on the glockenspiel and it’s sounding good already!