Welcome to Holly and Poplar

Year 5 made tasty quesadillas using fresh ingredients we picked from the garden. We chopped radishes and onions, grated cheese and shredded lettuce and rosemary. We even added in some edible flowers (nasturtiums), before frying all the ingredients in tortilla wraps. Why not try making your own at home?

Year 5 had an exciting trip to the Science Museum learning about forces. We examined steam engines and rockets and discussed the mechanisms used by these machines. We were also lucky enough to visit the ‘Wonderlab’ which had plenty of hands-on forces exhibits for us to explore, including friction slides, human pulleys and a flight test where children could test their own paper flying machine!

Year 5 had a visit from an officer from the London Fire Brigade. The children were made aware of how fire can injure or kill people, destroy properties and spread very easily. They also learnt about the 5 main causes of fire and how we can prevent a fire by identifying and eliminating hazards in our homes.

Year five visited Museum of London. The children explored technology over time and how the web changed our lives. They handled historical devices such as: an old telephone, a record player, a typewriter and the first ever mobile phone. They also learnt about the man who created the world wide web, Sir Tim Burners-Lee.

As part of art day, Year 5 have researched about masks around the world using the internet. The children learnt about the day of the dead, which is still celebrated in Mexico to this day. Then they planned and created their own Mexican masks. What do you think?

This half term Year 5 have been learning to play the ukulele. They have focused on learning the chords and strumming patterns they have been able to learn dogs by Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift!

In this term’s class assembly, Year 5 took on the challenge of performing a variety of ‘spoken word’ poems, including some they wrote themselves. Topics ranged from bullying to strange pets to crowded trains! The children thought carefully about how to use their voices and actions to bring the poetry alive. There were lots of giggles from the audience!

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Year 5 travelled such a long to visit London Museum of Water and Steam. The children were amazed when they saw gigantic water machines, which were built by the Victorians to pump out water. They learnt about water filtration and about the story of London’s water supply from the Roman Period right through to the modern day.

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As part of Maths, Science and Technology week, Poplar and Holly Class participated in a workshop run by the Happy Puzzle Company. This workshop helped was not only fun and exciting, but also great for the children’s thinking and teamwork skills. Some of the problems were initially difficult, but with great perseverance and collaboration, the children were able to conquer them.

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Year 5 visited ‘The Institute of Imagination’ in Lambeth. The children participated in a series of events and workshops around ‘coding,’ Activities were such as: drawing, coding and testing robots. As well as this, the children coded their own choreography moves and used these to teach other people to dance. They used programmes such as scratch and blueberry pie. However what the children really enjoyed, was working in small groups to create their own chain reaction, with a range of different materials.

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Over the half term with have been developing our keyboard skills by learning In The Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg. Firstly, we learned how to play the bass line with our left hands, and then slowly added the melody over the top with our right hands.  It’s really important to use all five of our fingers, not just one!

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The Primary Schools’ Cross Country League began on Monday 28th November. Children in Year 5 have represented the school in two races so far. It has been pleasing to see such great enthusiasm and dedication despite the wet and cold weather conditions this half term. The children are looking forward to improving their personal bests (and winning more points for Orchard) over the Spring term!

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Year 5 travelled back in to the year 1914 to retell the events of World War 1, to a very large crowd. The children practised speaking loudly and fluently, varying their pace and tone. They also finished the assembly by singing a German-British truce song ‘Silent night’ in German.

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Upper Phase have been busy, during half term, creating some amazing holiday homework models for our displays. Year 5, are exploring World War 1. They have created many exceptional pieces including- a poppy as a key ring, a model of a gun and tea-bags have even been used as sand bags, in the trenches.

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In Music this half term, Year 5 has been learning about the life and works of Roald Dahl.  We composed music for bullying characters like Miss Trunchbull, and also created a piece to tell the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” from Dahl’s “Revolting Rhymes.”  We then went to the amazing Barbican Hall to see a concert by the London Symphony Orchestra, where they played Paul Patterson’s “Little Red Riding Hood” and we sang a Requiem for Granny!  They also played the theme from James Bond because we discovered that Roald Dahl was a spy! But don’t tell anyone… it’s a secret!

photo-22-11-2016-10-27-47 photo-22-11-2016-10-45-45 photo-22-11-2016-13-08-51

In 5 Holly we made salt move using only our voices! We have learned that sound energy travels in waves, causing particles to vibrate. The vibrations from our voices made the salt crystals bounce on top of the cling film. We also tried putting solid objects between the sound source and the salt, and discovered that sound really does travel through solids! Why not try this experiment at home?

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Holly and Poplar class have created a simple loom using ice lolly sticks and elastics bands. We developed our weaving skills, using a range of different coloured materials. The activity was not as easy as we’d hope, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Poplar class were presented with a concept cartoon around sound. The class suggested an exciting science experiment to find out which material is the best for reducing sound. After writing up their aims, methods and prediction, the scientists of Poplar class investigated. Ask them what they found out.

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Year 5 travelled all the way to Winchester, where they continued learning about the Anglo Saxons. The first stop was the City Museum. Here, the children explored artefacts, tried on costumes and handled a clay pot which was over a thousand years old. Then the group visited the magnificent Great Hall, where children got to handle even more artefacts, discussed important people, such as King Arthur and Alfred the Great and of course got to see the amazing round table. Finally, the children got saw the enormous statue of Alfred the great. It turns out, Alfred really is great.

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