Today 30 students from Year 1 went to the Hackney Round Chapel to take part in the Hackney Schools Music Festival.  For the last month we have been learning 14 songs to perform to our friends and family along with other schools.  We were event treated to a violin solo from our very own Aurora in Year 5!

Year 4 had their last visit from Apollo. The students were asked to come up with a story, and the musicians would improvise a piece of music to fit it. There were some great suggestions, including a story about a violin lesson that was going VERY badly!  See if you can spot the mistakes the “Violin Student” is making in the pictures.

Year 4 Apollo Trip

Year 4 visited the Leyton Great Hall today to watch the Apollo Orchestra perform. The students got the opportunity to get an up-close look at how an orchestra works and were able to ask the performers questions about their instruments and lives. They really loved Mozart’s Horn Concerto and, of course, the Simpsons!

Yesterday Hazel and Hawthorn received a special visit from Apollo where they learned all about the Bassoon. Pupils had a go and blowing through Bassoon reeds and listened to a diverse range of duets.


Nile School Shakers 

Today Year 3 were visited by Tim and Bridget from the Nile School Shakers. The pupils had an opportunity to learn how to dance in an Egyptian style and how to play Egyptian drumming patterns.  Poplar, Holly and Olive very much enjoyed the performance at the end of the day!

Year 4 with Apollo

Today Year 4 were visited by Apollo and had the opportunity to learn about the Woodwind family of the Orchestra. The students really enjoyed the different types of Saxophones and loved listening to music from Harry Potter, The Simpsons and Fantasia.

Samba Band and Orchard Orchestra

Today we had our first full Samba Band rehearsal with the instruments awarded to us at the Mayor of Hackney Music Awards.  The Orchard Orchestra is also growing with our new guitarist and percussion section!  We’re all getting ready for the Federation Festival of Music in July!

Year 6 Final Garageband Pieces

At the end of Spring 1, Year 6 were challenged to write an extended piece of music using Garageband.  The pieces had to fit one of the following briefs:

  • A song
  • A piece of music for a dance
  • Music for a film/film trailer
  • Music for a video game
  • Music for a television program
  • Background music for a story

After this, the style of the music could be anything they wanted, as long as it fits with their theme.

Below are all of their pieces:

Audio by Abdul & Yasin

Audio by Alasana & Eijaz

Audio by Aliou & Josiah

Audio by Conor & Gurpreet

Audio by Denzel & Tyler

Audio by Dilan & Ezgi

Audio by Dylan & Mohammed (Featuring Mr Evans)

Audio by Eleanor & Arikah-Mai

Audio by Ella & Tyra

Audio by Grace & Tayzhia

Audio by Hadjer & Imane

Audio by Hamza & Tristen

Audio by Harry & Ismail

Audio by Jonah & Beatrix

Audio by Levi & Jonathan

Audio by Madison & Enes

Audio by Mary & Dajuan

Audio by Mercedes & Dusty

Audio by Ruby & Nyanya

Audio by Selma

Audio by Semanur & Hafsa

Audio by Seun & Sanchez

Audio by Sude & Ilayda

Audio by Trey’von

Audio by Uzair & Mustafa

Audio by Victoria & Shante

Audio by Wendy & Tacita

Rowan class were very excited today to get there hands on the school’s new class set of pBuzz’s. These plastic slides are a fantastic way of getting our children into playing real brass instruments!


On Tuesday 30th January Year 4 were visited by Apollo Classical Music Projects for a string quartet workshop. They listened to two pieces of music containing dance rhythms and then had a chance to try out the instruments for themselves!

Using iPads to create Music

Year 6 created a piece of music that included recording their own vocals. It’s great to hear different musical ideas and styles from our students!

Vocal by Aliou and Denzel

Vocal by Levi and Jonathan

Vocal by Oyin and Tacita

Vocal by Selma and Nyanya

Vocal by Victoria and Sude

Vocal by Mr Evans – Music Lead

Year 6 have been learning how to use iPads to create music. After learning how the programme “Garageband” works, they were set the task of creating their own piece using any style they liked. Soon they will be creating more complex pieces over two lessons.

Audio by Aliou and Denzel

Audio Ella and Tyra

Audio by Hamza and Tyler

Audio by Levi and Jonathan

Audio by Conor

Audio by Jonah & Beatrix

Audio by Mr Evans – Music Lead

Orchard Choir

Today the Orchard Choir sang for the Monday Munch Club at Frampton Park Baptist Church. The club loved their rendition of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and the “Christmas Medley”!

Today the Orchard Choir sang for the patients and staff of St Joesph’s Hospice.  The audience particularly enjoyed “Winter Nights”: there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!  Well done!

Today the Federation choir sang a collection of Christmas Songs for the patients of Homerton University Hospital.  The Federation Choir is now over 70 members strong and their incredible singing voices could be heard throughout the Hospital!  Everyone was singing along!

Today the Orchard Choir sang a collection of Christmas songs in the foyer of the Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch. Members of the public were stunned by their fantastic singing voices and the hotel staff were incredibly impressed by their professionalism. Well done!

Apollo Classical Music Projects

Today Year 4 were visited by a Brass Quartet from the Apollo Classical Music Projects. They learned how performers vibrate their lips to make sounds on their instruments and listened to the theme from “The Simpsons” and “Life is an Open Door” from Frozen!

Year 5 at the Barbican

Today Year 5 visited the Barbican to watch the London Symphony Orchestra perform works for Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story”.  They loved the music for ‘Somewhere’ and enjoyed singing along with ‘America’ but their favourite piece was definitely the ‘Mambo’.

Official pictures… Well done to our Year 6 pupil, to Mr Evans and the whole school… double winners of the Hackney Mayor Music Award! An amazing achievement!



On Thursday 2nd November 2017, Mr Evans and Ms Davie attended the Hackney Music Gala at the Hackney Empire. The concert celebrated the achievements of some of the most gifted and talented musical pupils and students in our schools and community, featuring a diverse range of ensembles including, bands, choirs, soloists and school groups.  The Music Gala incorporated the Mayor’s Music Awards for the fifth year. The MMA is a fund, established by the Mayor of Hackney, to help and support aspiring young musicians to develop their musical skills and to recognise the quality of the music education offer in Hackney’s schools.

We are excited to announce that Eleanor Hickford in Year 6 won the Pupil Award for Musical Achievement, and so will benefit from targeted musical activities and specialist tuition up to the value of £1000!

Moreover, Orchard won the Instrument Fund for Ensemble Development! With the funds from this award, Mr Evans intends to form a Samba Band, so look out for performances soon!

Apollo Classical Music Projects

Year 4 were visited by Apollo Classical Music Projects for their second workshop. They were treated to pieces by Haydn and Ravel!

Music Coffee Morning

On Friday 20th November 2017, Mr Evans held the first Music Coffee Morning at Orchard. Over 75 families attended, all playing and singing “London’s Burning.”

Apollo Classical Music Projects

On the 17th of October, Year 4 had their first workshop with Apollo Classical Music Projects.  They learned about string quartets and listened to pieces by Beethoven. They also had the opportunity to as the performers a variety of questions about their instruments and lives.

Year 2

Rowan Class have learnt to sing ‘London’s Burning’ both in unison and a four part round. This week they began to learn how to play the song on the glockenspiel and it’s sounding good already!