MFL – Spanish

Day 4 in Madrid (Spain)

This morning we met our friends from El Caton school in order to visit the National Science Museum.  There was lots to see and our museum guide kindly spoke in Spanish and English so that it was a meaningful experience.  We learned a lot  about animals and plants which were native to Spain. After a picnic lunch we returned to the centre of Madrid to do a cultural tour. We saw La Plaza Major,  Puerte del Sol which is in the geographical centre of Madrid. We placed our feet on the exact point. We also saw La Catedral de Almudena, the Royal Palace and more.

Day 3 in Madrid (Spain)

This morning has been a busy and intense session. The children used their book templates to make a digital bilingual book about “Mi Ciudad” (My Town).

There were some initial hiccups with the Internet and lap tops but eventually our children got down to work, writing in Spanish.  The Spanish children wrote in English. All the children then became “teachers” using their knowledge of their own language to correct the work.  Later we will combine all the digital pages to make a single book to be used as a learning resource.

The afternoon was one of the highlights for the children with swimming on site at school and then relocating to the centre of Madrid and eating tapas in a traditional restaurant close to the main square.

Day 2 in Madrid (Spain)

Today we are in school beginning our transnational Project of making a bilingual digital book about the town and countryside.  The children have got off to a good start and are working very well with the Spanish children.  Today they are creating a template for the digital book then tomorrow the best pieces will be chosen for the digital pages.

In between the children have also experienced science, P.E, ICT and DT.  This afternoon there will be a walk around the town.

As well as making a start on their digital bilingual book some of our pupils joined in with creating masks for Carnival which takes place in most Hispanic countries next week. After lunch, Year 5 went on a tour of the town visiting landmarks such as the ruins of an ancient castle, a church, the town hall and the library which includes a centre for young people.

At the end of the school day, it was off to the local bowling alley and amusement centre where the Spanish and English children got together. Normally this activity would be an ice breaker but glad to say that the children were already at ease and interacting with each other before break time this morning!


Day 1 in Madrid (Spain)

Hola a todos,

We have had a great and intense first day of our trip to Madrid. Our children were surprised to see the snow in Madrid. We guess they always think of Spain as a hot country. They have been taking every opportunity to practise their Spanish. They have eaten and settled down in the rooms very well. Their behaviour had been really good and they are looking forward to going to school tomorrow.

Year 2 have been learning numbers 1 – 12 in Spanish and have reinforced their learning by creating a mini numbers vocabulary book so that they can practise at home.  Parents, please ask your child to read aloud to you and join in with the learning.

Our Viridis teachers at our partner school in Madrid planning curriculum activities for Spring and Autumn 2018 through the Erasmus Programme.

Hispanic Day – Summer 2017

Everyone joined in celebrating Hispanic culture through the wearing of traditional clothes or red and yellow to represent Spain.  Throughout the day children had lessons with a Hispanic flavour with including a scrumptious Spanish lunch.

International Links

We are continuing to strengthen our international links with our partner school.  In October four teachers from Colegio El Caton, came to observe classes and plan lessons and activities to be shared between school in the spring and summer term.  Four Viridis  teachers will visit El Caton on the outskirts of Madrid to complete this round of planning.