Welcome to Hazel and Hawthorn

Using a range of reusable materials, Year 4 created famous places and landmarks in Brazil such as the Christ the Redeemer and the National Congress building, designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer.

As part of World Week, Year 4 participated in a Chinese music workshop. The children were first introduced to ancient musical instruments, brought all the way from China. Later on, they were given the opportunity to play these instruments in a hands-on learning experience.

On the 17th of October, Year 4 had their first workshop with Apollo Classical Music Projects.  They learned about string quartets and listened to pieces by Beethoven. They also had the opportunity to as the performers a variety of questions about their instruments and lives.

On Tuesday 26th September Hawthorn Class visited the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. This trip allowed the students to develop their knowledge on astronomy, beyond what they have already learned in their current science module. The class enjoyed looking at the different exhibition rooms, as well as attending the planetarium show ‘Universe on Your Doorstep’. This exhilarating, interactive show explored both the features of our own solar system, as well as objects outside of it.

Year 4 were gardeners this week! The children discussed different plants, sorted seeds and learnt how to make linen clothes from our home-grown flax.