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On Thursday 18th May, Hawthorn Class was given the exciting opportunity to participate in a workshop organised by Apollo Music Projects; an organisation which aims to expose young children to a variety of live classical music. The class was able to devise stories for the string quartet to base their musical compositions on, as well as interpret the meaning behind other pieces of music- which they listened to.

Year Four are going to be studying the Victorians this half term. To start off this topic they explored a range of Victorian artefacts. They tried to work out what they might have been used for and compared them to similar things that we might use today. A major difference they found was that there was a lot less technology in the Victorian times. They are now looking forward to their trip to the Ragged School on the 5th of May where they will experience what it would have been like to have been taught in a Victorian classroom.

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On Tuesday 31st January 2017, Hawthorn class engaged in a gardening workshop where they were given the exciting opportunity to make barley porridge. The children really enjoyed individually grinding up the barley and mixing it together with hot water. The class also liked stirring the porridge in the small cooker and then being able to taste the delicious finished result. It was also very interesting to listen to the gardening teachers describe the ingredients included in the porridge, as well as learn about how the Vikings would have produced food in their times.

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In Hazel Class our new topic for Spring 1 is ‘The Vikings’. During the Christmas break the children worked hard to make their own models of Viking longboats, which have formed a spectacular display in their classroom. They also had a go at researching the Vikings and have come back to school with a lot of interesting facts, for example, Vikings didn’t go into battle in helmets with horns, these were just used for ceremonial purposes. This hard work has allowed them to kick start their learning and has gave them a lot to talk about during their first topic lesson this week, which involved looking at artefacts. Hazel Class are excited to learn even more about the Vikings!

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On Friday 2nd December, Hawthorn class engaged in a teeth workshop, where they were given the opportunity to make their own teeth moulds using plaster of paris and water. The children really enjoyed carrying out this practical science experiment, as well as listening to a talk on the different types of teeth in animals and humans, and their functions. Hawthorn class also found it really insightful learning the most effective way to look after their own teeth.

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Attached are photographs from the Years 3 & 4 Badminton Festival. The festival followed England Badminton’s festival plan which included a carousel of stations, each focusing on a different badminton skill. The children visited each station in the carousel and completed the challenge to earn points for their team. The team with the most points at the end of the festival will win the competition.

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Upper Phase have been busy, during half term, creating some amazing holiday homework models for our displays. Year 4 are studying Brazil this half term and the children have made amazing carnival masks, as well as a fabulous carnival float.

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On Friday 21st October 2016, Hawthorn class attended an art workshop all about the celebration of different cultures. The theme of the workshop centred on the novel ‘Fire Children’, a West African folk tale which tells the evolutionary story of spirits making different types of children, who then spread around the world. Hawthorn Class really enjoyed illustrating their artistic talent, creating work to be displayed in the school hall for all to see.


Year 4 have been working hard in their gardening workshops to create a new pair of trousers for Orchard’s famous ‘flax man’. They started by removing the seeds by rippling and then used mallets to break the stems. Next they had to remove the outer stem and used combs to make sure that the fibres were smooth and ready to be spun. They each had a turn at using the spinning wheel to create the thread that will be woven to make the trousers. The children were amazed to see how a plant could be turned into thread and it raised a lot of interesting questions about where our clothes come from and how the manufacturing process has changed over the years.

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