Welcome to Ash, Oak and Pine

On Friday, Pine class went on their half termly visit to Hackney library. We were kindly read to by a local volunteer who changed the names of the characters so we were in the story! We really enjoyed using roleplay to show our comprehension of what we were reading. Thank you to Hackney Library for having us!

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Last week, Pine class had a fantastic day out at the Natural History Museum focusing on our Topic Dinosaurs! We learnt lots of interesting facts about the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. We were also able to see what dinosaurs might have looked like when they were alive – we didn’t realise how enormous they were! Many thanks to all the parents who supported us, we really enjoyed having you.

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As part of Enterprise and Work Week, Year 1 are learning about the emergency services. We were so excited to have some very special visitors this afternoon – Homerton Fire Fighters! We learnt all about the hoses, ladders, fire alarms and safety measures to ensure we keep our homes and learning environments safe from fire. All the children were able to step into the shoes of the fire fighters by getting into the fire truck and trying on their gear! Thanks so much to Homerton Fire Fighters for taking the time to visit us this afternoon.

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Pine class enjoyed their visit to Hackney Library, where they were read to by a local volunteer. They were particularly entertained by the story ‘Don’t Eat The Teacher’ …!! They all had the opportunity to take out new books which children will have the opportunity to read with one another and parents this half term. We can’t wait to go back!!

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Today, Pine class had a visit from the Gardening team! We were taught how to create bowls in the style of autumn leaves. First, we rolled clay flat – big enough for the leaves we chose. Next, we rolled the leaf into the clay to make a print. We then cut around the leaf shape and pushed it into a bowl. We can’t wait to paint our bowls and share them with our friends and families!

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This term, Pine class have been learning about Tapestries in Art. We have designed our own tapestry that we are building as a class which is based on the features of Hackney. We have cut out and sewn a range of different things we have seen, such as buses, houses, flats and the library. We can’t wait to show off the final product!

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This week, Pine class enjoyed learning rhyming poems about animals! Today, we recited poems from memory. We used actions to help us remember the poem. We thought about our audience and how we could make our performances more interesting for them. We stood up straight and projected our voices loudly. Some of us even used intonation!

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Oak Class went on a trip to Woodberry Wetlands where they explored habitats of different creatures in their surroundings. They were able to go pond dipping and searched for mini beasts and found a range of insects ranging from nymphs, centipedes, snails and fish. The day ended with chilly fingers and a little drizzle of rain, but the children had a splendid day.

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Ash Class visited the Florence Nightingale Museum where they met with a real life Florence. The children learnt about the things that Florence Nightingale did whilst working as a nurse in the Scutari hospital. They had the opportunity to explore the museum and see different artefacts from her time. The day ended with the children dressing up as a soldier and a nurse in similar clothes that were worn in that period.

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