Welcome to Apple, Cherry and Elm

Children are always thrilled to use the iPads in the outdoor space! Here they are highly engaged, some applying their phonic sounds and others were playing ‘Bingo’, a game which involved solving sums. Children used their fingers to solve and showed pride in their achievements.

Reception also have caterpillars! Children have observed them closely and have seen them form cocoons. They are excited to release them as butterflies into our Orchard garden!

EYFS have very much enjoyed hosting their open mornings this half term! Thank you to all those who came along and took part!

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Reception children went on a community walk around their local area. They visited Tesco, Percy Ingles and the Post Office. Earlier on this week, children wrote letters to their parents and they had the opportunity to buy stamps and post these letters. They read the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ and bought some bread which they made sandwiches with. Children came back and took delight in tasting their breads!

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Ava and Maimuna are decorating their Gingerbread Man with a variety of materials. Ava is explaining how to use the glue.


Nursery children are experimenting with water, how it flows and how you can get it through the pipe.


Reception children are role playing a picnic, passing around the juice and the food.


Hiding under covers – “It’s scary and dark here!!” – laughing and screaming at the same time.


Jacob is showing his aeroplane – “It fly.”


Nursery is playing with the farm house retelling the story of Jack and the magic beanstalk.


Fighting with the dinosaurs.


“We are helping the ducks get to the water. You just need to pour lots of water.” Children are working together as a team to hold and release the ducks at the right moment, while others carry the water.


Sebastian found a shield to defend himself in battles. “It looks like a flower.”


The children have read ‘The Three Little Pigs’ in their first week back of Autumn Term 2. Here some have decided to make some props for a story setting. They are using different materials to add interest to a story box.


Children are creating 2D houses of their own design using wooden shapes and corkboard. They used tessellating shapes initially to support their creating.

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Thinking about numbers that are 1 more and 1 less.


Children are using small world animals, books about farm animals and the repeated verse in the story to retell their own version of ‘Three Little Pigs’


Practising the sounds we have learnt to date in phonics – we’re using our fingers to create the initial sounds in sand and then making marks on whiteboards.


Sharing ‘Traditional Tales’ in our story telling tent.


Making marks and representing sounds during phonics.


Designing a strong house to live in to protect us from ‘The Big Bad Wolf’. We received a letter explaining he may be close to school – what will we use to build the strongest house yet?


We have enjoyed the most part of October outside, where we have enjoyed becoming engineers, designers, builders and craftspeople. The mud kitchen has been a favourite and it is here that we have specialised in potions and various remedies for coughs and colds. We have enjoyed our focus on measuring length and size in small groups and have begun to carry out mathematical investigations of our own. We enjoyed a range of different stories and we are now excited to discover we can now read some simple words. We are reading our marks and beginning to form letters, it is this that has encouraged us to write letters to our friends and label the outdoor designs we have been constructing.

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