Welcome to Apple, Cherry and Elm

In Reception the children made ‘Celebration’ posters as part of their holiday homework. The children shared them with the class and were able to speak about the celebration they had chosen and why it was special to them.

The children in EYFS have enjoyed learning about Diwali. We have used 2D shapes to create patterns in a multitude of media!

Alongside our topic of ‘Festivals and Celebrations’ the children are exploring the ideas of light and dark. We are experimenting with light boxes, torches and light fountains.


The children in EYFS have has a very exciting first week in school! They have enjoyed exploring a range of learning opportunities inside and outside and are beginning to settle into the daily routine well.

Thank you to the parents who were able to join us for our first Reading Morning. The children love being able to share stories in their classroom and show their adults around the setting.